27 Fab Ways to Decorate Your Home with Contact Paper (Ideas for Every Room)

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever used clear contact paper to cover your textbooks as a kid. Only me? 

Contact paper has been around for ages. Over the years, it’s become a decorating staple.

And many of the options on the market are so gorgeous and realistic-looking.

For renters (or recovering commitment-phobes :p), contact paper offers a beautiful solution for upgrading a space or an item on a budget. 

In some cases, it’s even better than paint since it can easily be removed if you don’t like how it looks or you’re moving out of a rented space. 

I previously wrote another post about using contact paper and 2 other DIY supplies to easily upgrade any space.

In this post, I’ve rounded up some great ways to use contact paper in different parts of your home.  

27 ways to use contact paper - eg. kitchen toekick

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27 Awesome Uses for Contact Paper Around Your Home

I’ve separated the uses by room in the home as follows so you can get your creative juices really flowing:

  • Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Home Office
  • Living Room/General

By the way, you’ll see marble contact paper featuring a lot in these photos.

There’s just something about marble that takes home decor up so many notches.

I’ve linked a few favourites at the end of the post.

So be sure to scroll to the end.

Okay, let’s get started!

Ways to Use Contact Paper in Your Kitchen and Dining Area

1. Update an old countertop 

2. Add some flair to the toe-kick 

This would be great on the bottom of a closet as well.

3. Line the Back of kitchen cabinet

4. Create a frosted privacy screen

I actually used this exact pattern and tutorial years ago when I rented an apartment and you could see straight through my kitchen window.

It was the perfect solution and looked awesome but it was reeeeeeeally time-consuming.

Privacy screen door with frosted contact paper
7th House on the Left

5. Make a statement on your dining table

6. Customize your kitchen cabinet doors

7. Create some custom coasters

These would make great gifts as well.

8. Make Marble and Gold Placemats

Amp up your table decor with these beauties.

9. Make your wire shelves more functional

Jen combined foam core board and contact paper to make the shelves in her small pantry more useful (and pretty)!

Ways to Use Contact Paper in Your Bedroom

10. Add some bling to a plain dresser

11. Or make a graphic pattern on the drawer fronts

12. Line the back of a closet

13. Line the bottom of a drawer

This is a common use for contact paper but I like the idea of using different patterns for each drawer.

Ways to Use Contact Paper in Your Bathroom

14. Cover up those bathroom counters

15. Transform a boring bathroom floor

You need to see the before pic of this bathroom. Such a major difference!

Ways to Use Contact Paper in Your Home Office

16. Update your desk to match your style. 

Give your desk a major upgrade with marble contact paper. Click to read the tutorial.

You can see my full desk makeover tutorial here 

17. Create glam storage out of plain storage or shoeboxes  

18. Line a bookcase 

19. Update a Clock background 

20. Customize a basic Magazine holder (or cereal box)

Ways to Use Contact Paper in Your Living Room and Entryway

21. Recover a Lamp 

Marble and acrylic lamp makeover
Homey Oh My

22. Ditch your glass coffee table for a marble one

23. Transform your Ikea Side Table into Chic Decor 

Ikea Hack: Marble and Gold side table with contact paper

24. Create striking wall art

Decorative wall accents
Brewster Wall Covering 

25. Or create an entire accent wall

26. Style your stair risers

27. Create a wow entryway floor

Some of my Favs

Ok, here are some of the ones I personally own and love:

Shiny Grey and White Marble Paper

I love that it’s super thick and long so great for countertops and large surfaces.

Matte Gold, Grey and White Marble Paper

Thinner but also great for countertops and smaller items. The gold is subtle and the veining is gorge!

Brushed Copper Contact Paper

This looks so realistic in person. It’s thin so great for smaller DIY projects (wrapping a can, edge of a frame etc)

Grey and White Chevron Paper

This looks so realistic in person. It’s thin so great for smaller DIY projects (wrapping a can, edge of a frame etc)

Some Buying Tips

Of course, not all contact paper is created equal. And some work better from some surfaces over others.

Apart from reading the reviews, be sure to keep the following in mind when purchasing:

  • Measure (x3) the area you’re planning to cover before-hand (if it’s a large area/surface such as countertops, desks, shelving, walls)
  • Double-check the size of the paper to ensure it’ll cover most of the intended surface without too many seams. For deep countertops and desks, I recommend using a size that runs the depth of the item and most of the length.
  • For countertops, especially in the kitchen, use a paper that has a thicker density as it should last longer and stand up better to wear and tear than a thinner version. (Tip: look for comments that mention thickness since you can’t really tell from most pics or descriptions).
  • Double-check the finish – determine whether you want shiny or matte. I love both looks!

Well, that’s it for now. I know there are lots more ideas – let me know in the comments if you think of any other uses!

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