I’m Nickesha. It’s great to have you here.

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I’m a creative and I started this blog as an outlet for most of my passions – DIYs, decor, photography, travel, writing and organization – and with the hope to inspire and motivate you to join me on a creative journey of self-discovery and maximizing our potential. I LOVE that human beings can be creative in so many ways and I sincerely think most people just haven’t found the right spark.

I also see so many people giving up on their dreams waaaay too early. Sometimes never even trying. I know…life can really knock you down sometimes and then pull the rug from under you while you’re down there.

But there’s something in me, perhaps grounded in my belief system, that says in the midst of the sucky days that it will get better, it’s not out of reach and it is possible!

And I’m not talking about massive action but sometimes just making one small step towards improving your life, your home and surroundings, your self-image makes all the difference in the world. One. Consistent. Step. at a time.

So I want to encourage you on that journey!

Around here you’ll find:

  • Motivation to stop dreaming about who you want to be and a *strong* nudge to BE THAT PERSON!
  • Inspiration for chic, beginner-friendly (and most importantly affordable!) DIY decor
  • Tips on organizing small spaces
  • And lots more!

So far, some of my more popular posts include:

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What’s the name all about?

(maybe you should pause and grab a cup of coffee or tea?)

I’ll wait 🙂

Sooo…. I have wanted to start a blog for years now… it’s just been one of those “one-day” goals I had floating around in my mind waiting for release. But for many years I was too afraid to put myself out there, too caught up in the time isn’t right, too vague about my dreams, too afraid of rejection…frankly too many toos.

On January 29, 2014, while living in London and away from my family, I got a call that changed my life forever. Sometimes the cliché is the only way to really describe it.

I was at work and on the other line of the phone, my uncle was telling me that my father just died.

mum and dad on beach trinidad
Photo by Ife360

Until that point, I hadn’t experienced a really close death and it shook me to the core, even though our adult relationship wasn’t exactly the warm-fuzzy-cuddly-bear type.

Suddenly, that ordinary Wednesday wasn’t so ordinary any more. The suddenness with which life can be taken from us registered for me so deeply that to this date, I think about the possibility of death on a daily basis. Not in a morbid, fearful way but just recognizing that if I don’t maximise my present, the next minute, hour or day is not promised to me or any of us.

A few life truths sunk in during that time and dropped anchor in my heart:

–  Life is short
–  Don’t sweat the small stuff
–  Enjoy the small moments life presents to us
–  There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for
–  Nurture your relationships as best as possible (how I wish I could have had one more meaningful conversation with him!)
–  Use what you have available to you now
–  Stop waiting for perfection (still a daily struggle but I’m getting better)

I realised that life was full of so many ahhh-mazing things, people, places and here I was letting negativity and fear steal my joy and paralyse me into inaction.

And so Life’s AHmazing was born. Well…the idea at least.

The AH is a tribute to my dad since his name was Andrew Hamel. I know he’d be all smiles if he were here.

So you’d think I got started right away right? I mean I just said tomorrow isn’t promised.


I started drafting posts in, played around with a template and then everything just kinda sat there for 4 years.

But now we’re finally here and I couldn’t be happier!

Other details about me:

Yes, there’s more! Betcha kinda wished you’d had a cuppa now eh?

  • I am a born-again believer and my faith is my foundation.
  • I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be exact – and no it isn’t always sun, sea and sand but it comes pretty close. I also lived in London for a few years.
  • I LOVE travelling to new places, tea (chai lattes to be exact!), donuts and anything with lots of nuts and seeds.
  • Spoken word, poetry and acoustic guitars give me all kinds of feels. They’re clearly the way to my heart. lol 😉
  • Organising spaces has always been a love of mine.  As a child, I would hoard my shoeboxes as prized storage possessions. A few years ago, the DIY bug properly bit me and hasn’t let go since!

Before you go, have a nose around and feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

I really hope that my corner on the internet leaves you inspired.

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