5 Best Small Bedroom Storage Ideas (Practical & Renter-friendly)


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Need some bedroom storage ideas for a small room? Here are 5 practical ways to add storage to your bedroom.

Maximizing space in a small bedroom is such a challenge for so many of us. I mean where do you store All. The. Things.

Over the years,  I’ve seen many tips for getting the most storage possible out of a small space. Today, I want to share my 5 best small bedroom storage ideas.

 Yes, there are tonnes of ways you can add storage to a small bedroom but these 5 areas are a great place to start.

collage of storage ideas for small bedrooms

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My Favourite Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

These are my top small bedroom storage solutions because they’re the easiest to implement and don’t require any power tools or real damage to walls. So that also makes them renter-friendly!

Alrighty, let’s get started!

1.  Under the bed Storage

It’s no secret that under the bed is valuable storage space, especially in small bedrooms. Out of sight and covering a lot of square footage, it’s the ideal spot to stash a lot of those “not-sure-where-to-store-them” items. 

Beds with drawers or platform beds are popular these days. 

I currently have a box spring bed with 4 drawers similar to this one.

Only 2 of the drawers are in use currently since my bed is against a wall (my bedroom is small).

I use one drawer for bed linen and the other for towels.

While not every bed frame has space below it for storage, lots of them do.

If not, depending on the make of your bed, you can add some bed risers to the legs of your bedframe in order to raise the bed by a few inches. Then, you’ll be able to use all that glorious storage space under your bed.

What can you use to store or organize items under your bed?

If you don’t have a platform bed, that’s no problem.

There are so many practical and affordable options available – both for DIYers and BUYers.

As you’ll see in some of the examples below, you can use:

I love these boxes Medina from Grillo Designs made.

IKEA always has such great ideas, like this large under-bed wooden tray used to store shoes.

With this same tray, you can also store groups of items in separate containers or piles that sit on the tray.

via Ikea 

I really love this IKEA Ribba Photo frame hack, used to store magazines.

Things you can easily store under your bed

  • Luggage
  • Towels
  • Bed linen
  • Extra Throw Pillows (cue collective sigh from men all over the world lol)
  • Books and writing materials
  • Shoes
  • Gift wrap and craft supplies
  • Off-season/bulky clothing
  • Exercise equipment
  • Miscellaneous personal items (headphones, flashlight, glasses)
  • Toys
  • A dog bed

Top Tip: You can add castor wheels like these to pretty much anything. So scout your home for old drawers, carts or wire baskets, large frames or shadow boxes, plastic bins and screw in or glue on rotating castors for easy rolling under-bed storage solutions!

2.  Use Over-the-door Storage 

Over-the-door storage is another super popular way to add storage to a small bedroom without affecting its limited footprint.

It’s always recommended to go vertical when working in a small area and doors are the perfect opportunity to add vertical storage.

While I am not a fan of adding lots of stuff to your main bedroom door, since you’ll be seeing it when you’re in your room with the door closed, there are several things that can be perfectly stored there.

This particular over-the-door organizer has excellent reviews on Amazon; it’s sturdier than the usual pocket organizers.

What can you use to store or organize items at the back of your bedroom door?

In my room, I’ve been using 2 wreath holders I got years ago (in a Pound store) and I store my shower caddy on one and a towel on the other.

I’ve been tempted to add hooks to hang my handbag but always decided against it because I really wanted to keep it minimal and uncluttered. 

Some other items you can use to hold your stuff are:

Things you can store on the back of your bedroom door

  • Shoes
  • Handbags and purses
  • Jackets/Coats
  • Towel
  • Full-length mirror
  • Miscellaneous belongings used daily (keep it minimal though)
  • Hanging Laundry hamper (only if it’s cute lol)

Check out these examples:

3. Use Inside Closet Doors

The insides of your closet doors are key spaces to add oodles of hidden storage. 

Like above, you can use over-the-door organizers but because they’re not visible when the closet door is closed, you can definitely maximize the entire door without running the risk of visually cluttering your bedroom. 

Some closet doors are on the thinner side, like mine. So standard over-the-door hanging systems may not always work. 

To get around this, I use tea towel racks which are meant for kitchen cabinet doors.

But there are lots of options on the market with the slimmer hooks to go over the door.

Things you can store on the back/inside of your closet door

In my bedroom, I’m using my closet doors to store (i) craft supplies in an over-the-door pocket organizer; (ii) a jewelry hanger for necklaces, and a tea towel holder for my belts.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Belts 
  • Hats
  • Jewelry and accessories 
  • Bags
  • Craft supplies
  • Toiletries and Cosmetics
  • Handbags and purses
  • Shoes
  • Workout gear

 These are some great examples:

Your closet doors are goldmines for hidden storage to maximize space in a small bedroom
via BHG

Your closet doors are goldmines for hidden storage to maximize space in a small bedroom
via HGTV 


Your closet doors are goldmines for hidden storage to maximize space in a small bedroom and these ikea pegboards are a great storage option for your closet
via Ikea

4. Use Multi-purpose furniture with concealed storage

In a small space, having furniture that can be used for multiple purposes is a must.  This also helps you get creative with the type of furniture you use. 

For example, I previously showed how I used the Ikea LACK TV bench in my bedroom for several years. 

Ikea Lack TV Bench used an bedside table

Because my room is quite small, I needed something to work as an “entryway/catch-all space” nightstand storage for books , cosmetics and daily use footwear.

I use the seagrass baskets to store books and daily-use cosmetics.

Ikea Lack TV bench used as bedside table

Check out some other examples below:

5. Display Your Belongings as Decor & Storage in your bedroom

In some cases, storage space may be so limited that you don’t have a choice but to display some of your belongings. 

While it can be challenging to display your belongings without it being a visual clutterfest, here are some tips for making open storage work in a small bedroom

You definitely have to be selective about what you display.

If using an open closet system, for example, display clothing and accessories in a common colour scheme like I did below.

Having items in a similar colour palette reduces the visual clutter and adds to the overall room décor. 

Use a colour palette for open closet in a small bedroom.

If you need some other tips for maximising space in your closet itself, check out my favorite closet organization hacks.

Here are some other types of items that make good display candidates 🙂

If you have a collection of hats, sunglasses, shoes or hobby-related items, make them part of an intentional display in your space.

Another storage hack is to use your belongings as decor in a small bedroom.
via Mr. Kate 


And that’s a wrap!!

There are so many things you can store just using these 5 ideas.

Are you using any or all these 5 storage ideas in your bedroom?

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Head to the comments section below and tell me which one is your favourite!

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    The article provided a wealth of innovative and practical ideas for optimizing storage in a small bedroom. From utilizing vertical space to making the most of under-bed storage, each suggestion was well thought out and offered creative solutions to common space constraints.

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  2. Really helpful post. I have some of the storage savers but as you explained, it can look cluttered when exposed, such as the behind the door ones. Will try using more uniformed colours to minimise the cluttered look. Thanks for the tip !

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