13 DIY Home Décor YouTube Channels to Follow in 2021

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Hands up if you’ve ever gone on to YouTube for one thing and 2 hours + 27 videos later, you couldn’t remember how you ended up there to begin with? That’s totally me when it comes to DIY and home décor videos on YouTube.

Today, I’m sharing 13 DIY Home Décor YouTube channels that have tonnes of home décor ideas and inspiration. I’ve completely updated the original post from 2019 as so many new and new-to-me channels blew up in 2020.

While I do follow some other channels, today I wanted to highlight my favourite ones that I’ve been following for at least a year and which have provided a lot of inspiration for projects I would like to do for my own home. I hope you’ll be inspired as well!

I’ve organized the channels into 3 main categories.

  • Best Overall DIY Home Décor YouTube Channels
  • Renter-friendly Home Décor YouTube Channels
  • Home Décor & Lifestyle YouTube Channels

You can click the relevant link in the Quick links below to go straight to that section or just keep scrolling for all the channels: 

Best YouTube Channels for DIY Home Décor Inspiration

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(The post contains some affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases. Read full disclosure here.)

Best Overall DIY Home Décor YouTube Channels 

For overall home décor ideas, room renovations and inspiration. These channels have some more large scale room makeovers on their channels but still have so many easy to intermediate projects for someone who wants to decorate at any level.

Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate (Kate) and her husband, Joey, have become my go-to for DIY and interior decorating inspiration, particularly for creative ways to maximize spaces. Kate is a self-taught interior designer while Joey does an awesome job of bringing a lot of her design/building plans to life.

I came across their channel a few years ago and was literally hooked after 3 videos. Be warned, the channel is very binge-able! lol

I particularly like their series where they makeover a space for $300 or they redesign a room with a strange layout. She also has sooo many creative ideas for DIYing your own wall art using simple materials and tools.

I always come away from a video with major inspo and design/DIY ideas, like this bedroom makeover using mainly dollar store items.

Lone Fox

I LOVE Drew’s overall style aesthetic and his eye for creative and professional-looking DIYs. He does lots of IKEA hacks as well as room makeovers that are renter-friendly. I definitely think his special talent is hacking IKEA furniture into chic, modern pieces like this one.

He also has great ideas for renters and apartment dwellers. He’s used this particular tile and this marble contact paper a few times in different spaces and shown how easily they upgrade a space.


I’ve been following Kelsey and Becky for years. One of the main series on their channel is where they attempt to replicate designer items on a budget. Because you all know that sometimes the cost of designer home decor items can make your eyes twitch. #thatcostshowmuuuuch

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

Rachel has a more industrial/rustic style with lots of wood tones but I do like how she puts together a space with some great DIYs included. Some of her projects are more in the intermediate DIY range but you’ll definitely find some inspiration and projects you may also be able to replicate. I loved this bedroom makeover she did.

DIY with KB

Kiva has an ultra modern style and provides lots of home décor tips to help people get the luxe look for less.  Her home has a black-and-white palette with touches of gold and brass accents.

XO, MaCenna

MaCenna is a self-proclaimed queen of thrifting. She does lots of creative thrift flips on her channel and has a similar aesthetic to Drew. I sometimes wish we had those kinds of thrift stores where I live. 

Best Renter-friendly DIY Home Decor YouTube Channels

These channels have lots of easy to intermediate DIYs that can give your apartment or rental property a major dose of style, which can be reversed if needed when moving out. 


Dwayna’s mission is to help apartment dwellers take their rentals from outdated to modern and chic. She gives lots of tips and hacks like this video on how to upgrade a small rental bathroom on a budget. 

She also has quite a few projects where she uses marble contact paper (my fav!) to upgrade countertops etc.

DIY Dalia

Dalia creates a lot of neutral, boho renter-friendly DIYs, with lots of natural textures and earth tones. One of my favorite projects that she created was adding a color blocked arch with wallpaper and paint, which is a great way to add colour to your wall without actually painting it.

Tina Le

Tina also has a boho decor style and does lots of super-cute home decor DIYs in that aesthetic. She has also done a couple of room makeovers on her channel.

Alexandra Gater

Alexandra not only does renter-friendly room makeovers for others, she also has a series on making over very small spaces, like studio apartments. This 150 sq ft studio makeover is a favourite on her channel.


Tresha has some amazing DIY art projects and budget-friendly hacks on her channel. Her style is definitely glam so lots of silver, metallics and monochromatic colour schemes with luxe textures.

While she doesn’t specifically target renters, she offers some great tips on maximizing small or non-existent apartment spaces such as entryways. Her channel has lots of Z Gallerie-inspired DIY wall art and home decor ideas. 

Home Décor and Lifestyle YouTube Channels

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that mental health is not something to take lightly. These channels have a mix of content that speaks to self-care, peaceful and holistic living in addition to home décor. 

Anh Lin

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you watch any of Anh’s videos is her calming voice and peaceful music. She creates devotional videos that include DIY home decor projects, gardening and more. One of her most popular videos is this apartment makeover.  Her decor style is cozy mid-century modern and everything turns out so gorgeous!


Janea has such great energy, you’ll probably smile just from watching her intro. Her channel focuses on wellness, mental health, and making your home a peaceful haven. Her decor style is kind of neutral boho. You can check out her bedroom/office tour here.

BONUS: Life’s AHmazing! (that’s me :))

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Are there other YouTube channels you also follow for inspiration? Let me know in the comments so we can check them out!

*This post was originally published on 5 March 2019 and updated on 1 February 2020.*

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  1. Loved this! Thank you for sharing. You have to check out Katia Nikolajew. Everything about her is beautiful.. I think she will inspire many!

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