11 Super-stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers and Holders


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As women, our jewelry collection can sometimes easily take on a life of its own. Amiright? But organizing them, particularly in small spaces, can be at times a big pain.

Today, I’m sharing 11 super-stylish and easy DIY jewelry organizers and holders that let your pretty pieces shine while keeping them organised and easily accessible.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of these floating around on Pinterest… but if not, you’ll definitely be inspired.  

11 Super-stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers and Holders

11 Creative DIY Jewelry Organizers

1. Hexagon Ring Dishes

I LOVE these ring dishes Amy made using baking clay. If you don’t have clay on hand, a drink coaster or candle base with a slight lip around the edge can be taped and spray-painted as well for a similar look. These dishes can easily be used for earrings and short necklaces too!

Stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers - Hexagon Ring Dishes DIY

DIY Hexagon Ring Dishes | Homey Oh My

2. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

This other baking clay DIY by Emma from A Beautiful Mess takes on the ever-popular marble trend. The gold gilded edge adds a lot of oomph to it. Super easy and super stylish.

Stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers - DIY marble ring dishes

Marbled Clay Ring Dish | A Beautiful Mess

3. Acrylic Earring Holder

Acrylic and marble are always a match made in decor heaven and this earring holder is no different. I love that the acrylic gives a very clean, minimal look and does not add any visual clutter, letting the earrings shine. Although this project involves cutting acrylic, which may be a little daunting…eek, I definitely intend to give this one a try.

Stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers - acrylic earring holder diy

Acrylic Earring Holder DIY | A Beautiful Mess

4. Jewelry Blocks

If you have tonnes of necklaces and some blank wall space, make your necklace organizer do double duty as wall decor, like Emily did in this easy DIY.  

Stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers - DIY wood jewelry blocks

Jewelry Blocks | Emily Henderson

5. Copper Pipe Necklace Holder

I adore this hanging necklace holder from Mr. Kate. Very similar to the style Emily used above but this one does require a drill to make the hole for the copper pipe to go through. But look at it though. So gorge!

Stylish DIY jewelry Organizers - DIY Necklace holder

DIY Copper Pipe Necklace Holder | Mr. Kate

6. Triangle Clay Necklace Hooks

This is another clay DIY for hanging your necklaces from Jen. So cute and I love the speckled look.

Stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers - triangle clay necklace hooks

Triangle Clay Necklace Hooks | I Spy DIY

7. Jewelry Tray

You can try this hack Casey did with any small dish, candle holder, small box or lid.

Stylish DIY jewelry Organizers - ikea hack jewelry dish

IKEA Hack Jewelry Tray | The DIY Playbook

8. Earring Stand

If you want a super minimalist, Scandinavian look, this DIY is for you. I love that it blends into the space but still makes a statement. Caitlin and Manda did use power tools for this DIY but in case that’s not your jam, you can probably get away with using a good ol’ hammer and nail to achieve a similar look.

Stylish DIY jewelry Organizers - minimalist DIY earring holder

DIY Earring Stand | The Merry Thought

9. Earring Stand

This jewelry stand is pretty similar to the last one but uses a decorative aluminium sheet instead of the raw wood. This won’t take up much space on your dresser and can be customised to your liking.

Stylish DIY jewelry Organizers - Easy DIY earring stand

Easy DIY Earring Stand | Houseful of Handmade

10. Jewelry Tray

If you have an old wooden tray that could use a facelift, try this colour-block DIY from Anika. It would be so easy to customise the colours to match your decor and only a few materials are needed to achieve the look.

Stylish DIY jewelry Organizers - Wooden colour-blocked Jewelry tray

Jewelry Tray | A Place of My Taste via IHeart Organizing

11. Ring & Earring Jewelry Organizer

Jen did an awesome job with this ring and earring organizer. As she mentions, you can use a small box cover or lid and get the same results. I love the marble craft paper she used to cover the box.

Stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers - DIY Earring Organizer

DIY Ring & Earring Jewelry Organizer | IHeart Organizing

BONUS Jewelry Organizers: DIY Wooden Storage Box

I’m adding this DIY from right on this blog. This would make the perfect jewelry box for concealed jewelry organization. Check out the post here.

DIY spray-painted wooden box

Spraypainted Wooden Storage box | Life’s AHmazing

Hope you liked these cool ideas to DIY your own jewelry organizers and holders. Let me know which was your favourite in the comments.

Also, do you have any additional ideas based on how you store your own jewelry? I’d love to hear.

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11 Creative and Stylish DIY Jewelry Organizers

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  1. I usually gravitate to small trays with pretty designs and wooden boxes but the earring stands look like something I could add and by the last pic of the earring stand I have an idea of how to achieve without having to figure out how to get the base – a picture frame with a similar type of mesh may work. Maybe some day will try it. Lol.

    1. Same here Kendra. I definitely want to try the acrylic earring stand. Great idea re using the picture frame. They’re perfect for that and can be placed on the table or mounted. Cheers x

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